Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Installing a rainwater harvesting tank is a small step you can take towards a greener planet as a commercial building owner. Water Harvesting Solutions creates innovative rainwater collection systems using cutting-edge technology using a team of seasoned experts in scoping, engineering and fabricating.

Our Story

We are a team and family of experienced, skilled, and passionate individuals with cutting-edge water conservation solutions. We customize our revolutionary products based on each project’s scope and specifics. Our holistic design and build systems approach allow us to integrate multiple sources of renewable water with several uses of treated water, maximizing total water savings for our clients.

Our core competencies are system design and extensive experience serving the commercial and institutional building market. Our unique ability to cater to the needs of commercial building owners sets us aside from other rainwater or greywater solutions providers in the industry. We deliver a full-service solution to our clients with a seasoned team of scoping, engineering, and fabricating experts. Ranked as one of the best rainwater harvesting systems in the country, we deliver affordable commercial rainwater collection systems with exceptional customer service.

What We Offer

We offer a broad range of rainwater harvesting solutions to commercial buildings. What we offer includes:


  • Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We specialize in designing and building rainwater harvesting systems for large-scale buildings and commercial clients. We develop our rooftop rainwater harvesting system with commercial-grade components and sophisticated controls that guarantee reliability, automated functions, and connectivity to BAS systems.

  • Grey Water Systems

We help our commercial clients save gallons of water every year with greywater harvesting systems. Our greywater recycling systems for commercial properties meet IAPMO 324 and NSF/ANSI 350 standards. Our components of rainwater harvesting systems can provide a safe and treated supply of water for non-potable applications.

  • Stormwater Harvesting

Wahaso’s stormwater system cleans large quantities of stormwater and provides a safe and treated supply of water used for various non-potable applications.

We also manufacture and sell condensate systems, multi-source water harvesting systems, and storage options.


  • Design Services For Architects And Engineers

We provide complete system design to architects and engineers and help them incorporate a water harvesting system into their projects.

  • Fabrication And Start-Up Services For Contractors

We work closely with qualified architects and engineers and help them design a system that fits our client’s project parameters. We build our water harvesting systems at our fabrication facility in Crystal Lake, IL. We pre-assemble the equipment onto skids and test each system before shipping them to our clients.

Top Reasons To Choose Us For Rainwater Harvesting

Our commercial rainwater harvesting systems can help you save hundreds of dollars every year in utility bills and gallons of water. The treated water is safe to use for non-potable applications, including toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling tower make-up, etc.

We design commercial-grade components and sophisticated controls for commercial building owners with a seasoned team of engineers and fabrication experts. Our systems come with automated functions and connectivity to BAS systems and guarantee reliability in the long term.

Call us at 800-580-5350 to buy a rainwater harvesting tank from us. Water Harvesting Solutions offers affordable, holistic, and best-in-class water harvesting solutions for commercial buildings and helps owners save costs in less expensive bills. 

Rainwater Harvesting Tank