Choose a reputable company for your boiler repair in Calgary; DHL Mechanical has an excellent reputation throughout the community. Why settle for inexperienced handymen or newcomer to the industry when you can hire Calgary’s boiler experts to work on and repair your heater? Whatever the problem, big or small, we’ll look for the most affordable and efficient way to restore your equipment. Reach us by calling 403-863-8246 for all routine and emergency repairs.

3 Ways To Tell That You Need a Boiler Replacement

1. Is your boiler turning on when you need heat in your home? If not, don’t automatically suspect a replacement is needed. A boiler repair company may be able to provide over-the-phone troubleshooting without having to come to your home. A few things they may ask you to check on:

  • Whether your boiler is turned on
  • If your thermostat is set correctly
  • Whether there are any obstructions to the system’s filter or air intake

Before you decide on a residential boiler installation to replace non-working equipment, make a quick & easy call to DHL Mechanical to schedule a whole-system diagnosis and inspection.

2. Have you noticed rising energy bills in the winter months? It may be due to an inefficient system that needs to be serviced, not replaced. Filters need to be changed out on an annual basis and small components may wear out over time. Having our boiler installers from DHL Mechanical look over your system every 1-2 years will help keep your heating bills down in extreme temperature months.

Let our technicians know if your system is operating inefficiently or if you’ve noticed some problems maintaining a comfortable temperature on the coldest days. By creating a maintenance plan, we can keep your boiler in good repair over the years.

3. Even with occasional repairs and maintenance, all boilers will eventually need to be replaced with new equipment. While it’s prudent to keep your heater in service for as long as possible, in time, you’ll need to start thinking about saving for a new boiler. Keep DHL Mechanical in mind if you need assistance selecting equipment.

You’ll find a wealth of information in our FAQs, including helpful content regarding regular and preventive maintenance for your boiler. Take advantage of our free resources and reach out to a DHL Mechanical tech any time you have questions.

Best Boiler Repair in Calgary

When heating maintenance is not enough to keep your system operating efficiently, our pros can install a brand new boiler system that will keep your family warm and comfortable for many years to come. Call to schedule a service call and let our team see what we can do to put off a boiler replacement for another year or two.

Check our credentials and our reputation to see why so many homeowners throughout Calgary turn to DHL Mechanical for reliable boiler service. If you need a routine or emergency repair, you can reach us by phone at 403-863-8246, even after hours, if necessary.

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